I’ve just released the jQuery plugin v0.1. Information available at http://www.icndb.com/libraries/javascript-jquery-plugin/. This jQuery plugin allows you to easily fetch jokes from the database from within any website.

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4 Responses to jQuery plugin v0.1 released

  1. Ray Noble says:

    I’m not a computer edept.Igo on Facebook cause my brother’s there.Tere’s always sideline with ads recently there have been postings on numerous celebs incomplete,inuendoish.For Chuck the innuendo was he committed suicide.I bit clicked and got add for performance drugs and got out.Do you know what’s up???

  2. Ray Noble says:

    I can only assume that moderation means assessment for action which is always good.Love Chuck read his book,gave it to kid coming out of detox;he went home,never saw either again.Thank you

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