Chuck Norris once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

Personally, I love Chuck Norris jokes, can’t get enough of them. But there isn’t a good repository of these jokes on the web – yet. Therefore I’ve started this online Chuck Norris jokes database. As as a bonus, the database also allows you to star in the jokes yourself by changing the name of the main character. Right now, I’m working on adding as much jokes as I can and on building some apps for sharing the jokes.

Database RESTful API

Of course you are welcome to use the database yourself! The jokes are openly available, no charge or obligations involved. All information about the API is available on the API page. Let me know what you’ve cooked up!

Client libraries

The easiest way of using the database is using one of the client libraries for your language:

  1. JavaScript jQuery Plugin
  2. C# API (courtesy of Joel Martinez)
  3. PHP API (courtesy of Batista Harahap)

Available apps

You can use the jokes in the database directly using the RESTful API or by using one of the following apps:

  1. Chuck Norris Joke WordPress plugin: Shows a random joke on your WordPress blog
  2. Personalized Chuck Norris Joke WordPress plugin: Shows a random joke starring yourself on your WordPress blog

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