The easiest way of using the database is using one of the client libraries for your language:

  1. JavaScript jQuery plugin
  2. C# API (courtesy of Joel Martinez)
  3. PHP API (courtesy of Batista Harahap)

7 Responses to Libraries

  1. I also created a Symfony2 Bundle using the API and displaying a fact after every command launched in the terminal. Completely useless, but quite funny for SF2 developers ;)

  2. Phil Simmons says:

    I wrote a full NodeJS wrapper library around the API. It is available for download via NPM at and on Github at, with full documentation at

    Could this be added to the library list with a link?

  3. Hi, I wrote python wrapper for this API on github and it will be in python pypi asap.

  4. Harry Wynn says:

    I created a Swift wrapper, available on GitHub @

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